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Campus Life

Krupanidhi gives great importance on holistic development of students. The Institute’s New campus provides a range of opportunities outside the classroom- its huge, lushgreen campus is equipped with state-of-the-art modern facilities like Wi-Fi, cafeteria, playgrounds, audio video conference, libraries, hostel,physio OPD, gym and labs.

Green Campus


Krupanidhi has done a commendable job in initiating the concept of green campus, where there is a juxtaposition of environmental friendly methods and education to promote sustainable and eco-friendly living. The green campus concept allows Krupanidhi to redefine its environmental culture and developnew concepts by creating sustainable solutions to curb environmental, economic and social hazards. Krupanidhi does solid, liquid, and e-waste management. It also does rainwaterharvesting, a technique of collection and storage of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks. This ensures to make the best use of rainwater and have back up source of water.

Sports Grounds

Healthy body acts as a catalyst in the process of gaining knowledge. Krupanidhi provides many sports facilities to the students to strengthen their physical energy level and foster team spirit. The college campus accommodates a basketball court as well as a football ground where various tournaments are held throughout the year.


As a residential college, we provide clean lodging and sanitation facility in a healthy and hygienic surrounding separately for both boys and girls within the campus. The hostel has good water facility along with Wi-Fi facility. The hostel is supervised by a chief warden with a male and female warden working under who reside in the campus. The hostel is equipped with facilities like:

  • a food vending machine
  • automatic washing machine with smart card system
  • attached bath
  • kitchen facility

Enquiries can be made in the admission office and rooms will be allocated in accordance to the availability.


Krupanidhi’s huge cafeteria with comfortable seating facility offers myriad cuisine to cater to every one’s taste buds. Right from various choices for food and energy drinks to an exclusive ice–cream counter , the Krupanidhi cafeteria is a place of delight and non-stop chatter. Here taste, hygiene and nutrition go hand in hand in equal measure, non-exclusive of the other.

Tuck Shop

There are two tuck shops in within the Campus where students can buy their required stationery items as well as other essential items of daily use from.


A Hi-tech gym is located within the Krupanidhi campus for the benefit of the students. The well-equipped gym offers an ideal platform for a daily workout for fitness freaks. The gym is a complete fitness centre that provides facilities for Fitness, Weight Reducing, Weight Gaining, Weight Training, and Executive Fitness Program.

Physiotherapy OPD Clinic

Krupanidhi also has a Physiotherapy OPD clinic inside its campus to cater to the emergency health needs of the students.


KCCM has spacious, well ventilated classrooms with LCD projectors. All our management classrooms are gallery styled classrooms.



Our 11-acre campus consists of a specialized departmental library updated with new editions, textbooks, journals, and business magazines for our students. We have a lot of study material and reference books. Our students also have access to online business journals on various portals. The library has one of the best collections of information sources in management-related disciplines. The library has a large collection of text, reference books and multimedia which is continuously updated with the latest editions. It subscribes to international periodicals, databases, and online journals. The library has a digital library providing full-text collection of document and faculty publications.



KSM has dedicated laboratories for various disciplines. We also have a dynamic audio–visual aids laboratory which ensures that each student is involved.